Grant Related Documents

J-ADD/DJF Community Resource Guide

For over a decade DJF has partnered with the Jewish Association for Developmental Disabilities (J-ADD) in New Jersey to bring community resources and support to individuals living with Autism Spectrum challenges and their caregivers. This DJF Signature Program also features a free hotline so that people can get one-on-one advice about the resources. We provide this resource guide and hotline as a public service only and it is our clear recommendation that people must research and make their own personal decisions regarding all resources. The J-ADD/DJF Community Resource Guide is updated at least once annually.

Alpine Employment Manual

This manual will introduce you to the characteristics of autism, certain practices that will enrich the experience of your employee or volunteer, and practical strategies that will promote positive interactions with your new employee or volunteer.

Autism and Faith: A Journey Into Community

Download this groundbreaking booklet on integrating individuals with Autism and their families into faith communities. Filled with personal and professional advice, this is a MUST read!

Autism, Epilepsy & Seizures: How to Recognize the Signs and Basic First Aid When

DJF has collaborated with the Epilepsy Foundation, Autism Family Services of New Jersey and Dr. Ruth Nass of the NYU Langone Medical Center to provide the first community resource worldwide to educate the public about the co-morbidity of Autism and Epilepsy. This important resources was developed in recognition that over 1/3 of people living with Autism have or acquire Epilepsy during their lifetime, and often suddenly. The resource features a fold-open chart that can be hung in community settings and provides basic first tips. Autism, Epilepsy and Seizures can be downloaded and reproduced free of charge here.

GET Going Guide

The GET Going pocket guide is a revolutionary travel trouble-shooting tool to help individuals living with Autism and other challenges as they travel independently on public transportation. GET Going (Guiding Everyday Travel) was created collaboratively by The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, Easter Seals Project ACTION, Easter Seals Autism and Feeley Consulting to help promote the use of public transportation for community integration so that individuals can safely navigate traveling with confidence. To order a GET Going guide go to Click Here