The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation
2008 Grantees

Parents Of Autistic Children, Inc. (POAC)
A grant of $4000. was awarded to POAC to create a remedial reading program that will be offered at selected New Jersey schools for adolescents and young adults with Autism. This project is intended to enhance Direct Instruction reading methods already being used in the schools by offering a “Reading Clinic” to further the necessary skills for reading success.


Phoenix Center, Inc.
A grant of $5000 was awarded to continue the Bowling League Program that was developed by our 2007 grant to the Nutley, New Jersey program.In 2008, adolescents and young adults will participate in weekly community trips to bowl while enhancing social, communication and adaptive behaviors that foster community integration skills. The program will be enhanced by family participation nights so that skills are reinforced and encouraged for lifetime participation.

Grupo Salto, Inc.
Camp Jump into the Arts, a program for Hispanic adolescents in the greater Chicago, Illinois area will enable instruction in Mexican Folkloric dance, music and art in a recreational setting that promotes socialization and skills development. The grant award of $6314. will provide year long programming.


Fountain House, Inc.
The two-mile Wildlife Habitat trail that was built by Boy Scouts with Autism and members of Fountain House as a result of a 2002 DJF grant will now be enhanced to create fitness stations, biking paths and will further the Wellness Program at Fountain House’s High Point Farm that can be used for respite and relaxation for adolescents and adults. The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Wildlife Habitat Trail symbolizes both organizations shared mission of providing people, often stigmatized by their neurological challenges, with opportunities that both honor their abilities, gifts and individuality as well as providing active engagement in community life. Note worthy is that the trail will include sensory integration adaptations to benefit visitors with Autism. A grant for $21,600 was awarded.




Nashoba Learning Group, Inc.
Located in Bedford, Massachusetts, Nashoba Learning Group has opened anew state of the art facility that includes a Laundry Skills Training classroom funded by a grant of $7,600. The Vocational Training Program created by this grant will also enhance residential life skills as well as provide vocational instruction.



Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources, Inc.
DJF will again support Autism Adventures Summer Program with a $10,000.grant that will enable this exemplary equestrian life skills/art program to be offered to individuals in the Cicero, Indiana area. The majority of the young adults served would not be able to afford this program without the foundation’s support thus enhancing the participation of under served young adults and adults in the region.

Bittersweet Farms, Inc.
Bittersweet, Inc. encompasses three farmstead sites in Ohio and is renowned for providing a supportive and well-structured program designed to increase skills refinement, self-reliance and enable choices that encourage community interactions. The $10,000. grant award will be used to provide transition programs for adolescents that include landscaping/gardening, greenhouse, woodshop, animal care,kitchen, janitorial, weaving, ceramics, computer lab, and art skills development and job training.


The Autism Center of New Jersey Medical School/UMDNJ
The Autism Centerof New Jersey Medical School/UMDNJ, Inc.In 2002, The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation and The Autism Centerco-developed an outreach program for under served populations in the Greater Newark, New Jersey area.

Since its inception, “Bridging the Gap” has offered ground-breaking conferences on topics including wellness throughout the life span,nurturing strengths and talents and how to provide integration of individuals and their families into their faith communities. In addition, family evenings at the Center have provided musical entertainment, dinner and arts presentations that create the opportunity for respite, socialization and family fun. A $20,000. grant will permit the continuation of this model community program and allow for the addition of a bi-annual Outreach Newsletter.


Opportunity Partners, Inc.

Our first grant in Minnesota will support a music therapy program entitled, Music to our Earsat the Karlins Center where 24 young adults and adults with Autism that will also develop valuable skills to achieve their goals for employment, independent living and community integration with this $5000. award.





Ramapo for Children, Inc.
Located in Rhinebeck, New York, Ramapo for Children is a renowned camping program and last year the foundation supported the successful pilot program for Family Respite Retreats benefiting teenagers with Autism and their families. The $10,000. grant will allow for the continuation of this model program and will include family group activities, skill building for parents, recreational activities for teens and respite time for parents and teens under the expert supervision of the Ramapo staff.

Rutgers University Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center, Inc.
This recreational and fitness program for adolescents and adults is part of the curriculum at DDDC, a day program for adult learners with Autism. The program was developed by a grant from the foundation and data is collected on each participant’s level of independence during the activity, types of prompts, activities and health and fitness indicators thus enhancing skills and wellness. The $7,325. grant will include individualized fitness programs such as swimming, dance and team sports.

Vista Del Mar Child & Family Services, Inc.
Los Angeles, California is where The Miracle Project, a musical theater program developed by Elaine Hall and the subject of the documentary film, Autism: The Musical, is located under the auspices of this 2008 grantee. The foundation’s$7.000. grant will support the participation of adolescents and adults in the theater arts program. In addition, Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs will be initiated by Vista Del Mar and The Miracle Project utilizing a specially developed curriculum that integrates religious study and the arts.

Developmental Disabilities Institute, Inc.
A $10,000. grant will support a horticultural training program for adolescents and adults called The Greenhouse Recreation Opportunities Workshop known as Project GROW. At GROW, participants learn about horticulture, acquire vocational training and build social skills. The gardeners also repair and maintain the greenhouse and sell their crops to maintain greenhouse operations.


Kelly Autism Program, Inc.
The Kelly Autism Program in Bowling Green, Kentucky received a grant for $7000. to expand the School-to-Work Transition Program that provides opportunities for young adults with Autism to pursue employment with community businesses and organizations. Job Training coaches from Western Kentucky University assist participants. This program is the only one of its type in the region.


Durand Academy & Community Services, Inc.
An after-school program for adolescents with Asperger Syndrome will be developed with this $10,000. grant. The program will focus on community integration skills, social skills, job development and financial literacy skills and is poised to become a model program in New Jersey and throughout the country. Peer Mentors will additionally enhance this program by creating the opportunity for further integration.  Watch the video and view success in action!



Foundation for Educating Children with Autism, Inc. (FECA)

This vocational/transition program located in Mt. Kisco, NewYork is based upon the belief that individuals with Autism can function independently at jobs that are suited to their strengths and abilities;assessments are done for each participant and specific job tasks are taught to mastery criterion. The training program focuses on social areas of employment in addition to actual tasks. A $5000. grant was awarded to enhance the program situated at the Devereux Millwood Learning Center.


Jewish Association for Developmental Disabilities, Inc. (J-ADD)

Jewish Association for Developmental Disabilities, Inc. (J-ADD)The J-ADD/Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Hotline has become a model for community based support and is accompanied by a Resource Guide of services and programs that can be downloaded free of charge on the J-ADD and DJF websites. Social workers provide one-on-one, free of charge guidance to families of adolescents and adults with Autism as they navigate the complicated issues of adults life. The program was awarded a grant in the amount of $15,144.


ECLC of New Jersey, Inc.
To address the rising number of adolescents and young adults with Autism as well as the fact that after age 21 there is a need to assure that skills do not regress and that opportunities for employment and community participation continue, ECLC has determined the need to provide an adult day program. A $5000. grant will provide the startup funding for this pilot program that will commence in September, 2008.It is also interesting to note that another of grantees, Paws Four Autism, will provide participants with the opportunity to learn how to train their family dog.

Victory School, Inc.
This 2008 grant awarded in the amount of $5000. to The Victory School located in N. Miami Beach, Florida will be used towards the school’s Integrated Life Skills Program and to expand the life skills curriculum in to vocational training. Alliances with local businesses will be forged to create suitable employment opportunities for the participants as skills are mastered in the school setting.



The Israeli Society for Autistic Children, Inc. (ALUT)
The foundation’s first international grant was awarded to ALUT located in Givatayim, Israel in the amount of $3000. This grant will support are creational summer program for families with an adolescent or adult with Autism at the Dead Sea. ALUT is Israel’s predominant resource for families coping with Autism throughout the lifespan.


Paws Four Autism, Inc.
This program was developed by dog behaviorist, expert and author, Kathy Santo and The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation to provide the opportunity for adolescents to learn to train their family dog.Additional benefits of the program,that has been featured on the CBS Early Show and in numerous publications, are enhanced social skills and life skills.


The program was initially funded with a grant of $1,500. and will receive additional funding during the course of the grant year as it expands.



The Ridgewood YMCA, Inc.
The foundation and the YMCA piloted family camping weekends at the Y’s Camp Bernie, known as Danny’s Red Ball Weekends. The program has received a grant for $3000. and will receive an additional$3000. to support future weekends featuring seasonal outdoor activities for the entire family.

Eden II Programs, Inc.
This vocational training program, funded by a $10,000 grant from the foundation, creates the opportunity for 49 students in Staten Island,New York and 19 students on Long Island, New York to receive hands-on vocational training at such job sites as Barnes & Noble, HomeDepot, TJ Maxx, Addobe Blues Restaurant and Doody Hardware. This vital job training will help build skills that are necessary for the individuals to attain as they seek employment opportunities after graduation. The Eden II role model program includes vocational assessments and preference assessments for the students receiving  vocational training that are used in matching students to job opportunities with the goal of providing suitable and sustainable placements for all participants.


Community Grants
The Board of Trustees of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation is committed to supporting outreach and education regarding issues that affect adolescents and adults with Autism and their families. These programs include educational symposiums, support to programs for underserved populations and the development of innovative programs and services that address the needs of the Autism community.

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