The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation 2010  Community Seed Grant Programs

The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation (DJF) selected a group of organizations that received grant awards of $5000 or less as "seed" money to start a new endeavor or help an existing program grow. These organizations, like those in our Signature Grant Programs category, have an established record of working successfully with individuals living with ASD and expertise in providing programs for their benefit. Many are located in communities in the United States where there are few programs for young adults and adults on the spectrum, and it is our hope that the "seeds" will be planted for development of more opportunities for those who reside there because of the support of DJF. These grant awards were for one year only. Some of these programs will become part of our ongoing DANIEL JORDAN FIDDLE FOUNDATION SIGNATURE PROGRAM INITIATIVE.

In 2010 DJF focused on 3 key areas that we identified as vital, innovative, and have replication potential.


Boston Higashi School, Inc.:
A chamomile garden called "The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Chamomile Garden" will be planted as part of the horticulture program. The adult farmers in the program will learn all aspects of the planting process and will work with a commercial farm to get training. They will also harvest and sell the chamomile grown in the garden as part of this start-up vocational endeavor.

GHA, Inc. at Carolina Farms:
"The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Vocational Program at Carolina Farms" will be established at this program located in Albermarle, North Carolina. DJF has previously awarded grants to this organization for farming and horticulture programs that included the building of a barn and greenhouse. This grant will help create an on-site horticulture business that includes planting, growing and marketing of the herbs and plants. A business and marketing plan will also be developed.


Kean University:
The Kean Autism Research and Education Center (KARE) located at Kean University in New Jersey was created to advance research in ASD; educate professionals to work in an interdisciplinary manner to improve the lives of individuals with ASD; and to provide information, training and a lifetime of support to individuals and families. The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation grant will enhance the Project Excel program, a mentoring program that helps support students with ASD who attend the university.

Camden County College:
Camden County Community College, located in New Jersey, has responded to the need to provide higher educational services for young adults and adults with ASD with its Transition Education Center (TREC) program, designed to provide these students with both the academic and social skills needed to succeed in the workforce or in college. In order to expand this program more extensive training for the college professors who may have these students in their classes is needed as well as for those who support the students in the classroom and in job placements. The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation grant will enhance this aspect of the program.


Spectra Academy:

Spectra Academy is a nonprofit, parent-led group, run by professionals in the field of ASD, that seeks to provide opportunities to further the social skills of individuals with ASD by building upon their interests (drama, film-making). Spectra Academy will create a 3-month pilot program to provide training in computer graphic design culminating in the production of graphic novels by the participants. The skills acquired in computer training and graphic design can be added to the participants’ resumes as they seek future employment.