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Watch DJF Grantee in Autism: The Musical on 3/25 at 8pm on HBO

DJF 2008 Grantee, The Miracle Project of Vista Del Mar is featured in the upcoming HBO documentary by Tricia Regan that will air on Tuesday, March 25th at 8pm. Autism: The Musical stars Elaine Hall, founder and director of the theater and arts program for children and young adults with Autism and their siblings, and she is featured along with her own son Neal and 4 other children including Wyatt, Henry, Lexi and Adam and their families. Ms. Regan's film creates moving portraits of these individuals, their gifts and their struggles, and how they rise above the challenges in their daily lives to create something extraordinary together. The Miracle Project is developing a theater/art curriculum based upon the one used in the film that can be modeled in other programs throughout the United States. The documentary can also be viewed on the HBO website during the week beginning March 26th.