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New York Premiere Screening of " Loving Lampposts" to Benefit DJF Foundation

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Documentary Screening to Benefit Autism Foundation
The New York premiere of LOVING LAMPPOSTS, a documentary about autism by
New York filmmaker Todd Drezner, will take place on June 24 at Tribeca Cinemas as
part of VISIONFEST: The Other Festival. Proceeds from the 8:00 p.m. screening will
benefit the Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, which develops, advocates for, and funds
programs for autistic adults.
Todd Drezner was inspired to make LOVING LAMPPOSTS after his son was diagnosed
with autism. The film focuses on the controversies that have arisen around autism as it
has become far more common than ever before: is it a devastating sickness to be cured?
Or is it a variation of the human brain—just a different way to be human? LOVING
LAMPPOSTS explores these questions by going to the front lines of the autism wars,
where we meet a series of compelling characters, including parents, doctors, therapists,
advocates, and a group of autistic adults and children who prove that "if you've met one
autistic person, you've met one autistic person."
VISIONFEST Co-Director Bruno Derlin says, “Populated with a cast of memorable
individuals who share their stories with stark honesty and without notions of prejudice,
LOVING LAMPPOSTS entertains because it uses a very intimate and personal voice to
narrate a universal story. It presents a strong debate and provides new insight on a
subject that is often misunderstood. It is a documentary that will stay with you long after
the lights have gone up.” Drezner comments, “I’m very excited to present LOVING
LAMPPOSTS in my hometown at VISIONFEST. I hope the screening will help start a
long overdue conversation about how we can best help autistic people lead meaningful
The VISIONFEST screening will benefit the Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, an autism
foundation focused exclusively on the diverse population of adults on the autism
spectrum. Linda Walder Fiddle, President of the Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, says,
“The donation from the screening of LOVING LAMPPOSTS will be used to develop,
advocate for and fund programs throughout the United States that create suitable and
sustainable opportunities for adults with autism to participate in and contribute to
community life, including residential, employment, recreational and educational
endeavors.” Drezner notes, “I was very pleased when VISIONFEST decided to make the
screening a benefit, and even more pleased when I discovered a foundation that so
closely matches the spirit of my film.”
For more information:
To schedule an interview with Todd Drezner, call 34-351-9835 or e-mail todd@todddrezner.

Jun 24 2010 8:00 PM
Jun 24 2010 10:00 PM
Tribeca Cinemas-54 Varick Street NYC