The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Will Be Accepting Proposals for 2014 Postmarked from February 1- March 17, 2014 ONLY...APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED FOR 2014. 

We look forward to reviewing all the applications we received and will give each the utmost care and consideration.  We will ONLY be in touch with applicants if we can proceed. Please do not contact our office as we are an all volunteer run organization and we do not have staff to return calls or emails.  

Please rest assured that we will be in touch if we need further information.  All 2014 grantees will be notified directly if a favorable determination is made. Thank you again for your time and efforts and best of luck to all.

In 2014, The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation will be cultivating and funding the continued development of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Signature Programs enumerated in our 2010 grants section. Please continue to follow the progress of these inspiring programs on this website and on our FACEBOOK page at . 


1) The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation will focus its funding in 2014 on endeavors that will be named soley for our organization in recognition of our twelve years of groundbreaking programs, resources and advocacy that have benefitted adults living with Autism nationwide.

2) All proposals MUST create a naming opportunity relating to an enduring residential, recreational, employment, educational program or resource that specifically benefits ADULTS living with Autism.

3) Proposed grants must specifically outline: the naming opportunity; who will be served in numbers of adults living with Autism; experience of the organization; unique and innovative needs that will be fulfilled; other sources of funding; budget; not for profit status verification; profiles of leadership and board of directors; other items that may be requested at The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation's discretion.

4) Proposals must not exceed an amount greater than $100,000. 

5) The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Board of Trustees will determine how many grants will be offered in 2014, based upon the proposals we receive, at our sole discretion. 

6) The recipient (s) of our 2014 funding will be announced during the month of April 2014.  Only the grantee(s) selected will be notified.  

7) Any questions should be sent to  Due to our limited volunteer staff, we cannot accept phone inquiries.

8) As a final note, please keep in mind the mission of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation and our accomplishments as the first national Autism organization in the United States that focused on adults and our achievements over a dozen years of volunteer service to the inspiring Autism community.

9) Best wishes and we are excited to again open new doors with you for the diverse population of adults living with Autism now and for future generations.