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DJF Receives Community Service Award from Family Resource Network

Author: DJF
Written On: Wed, 23 Sep 2009

On Thursday, September 22, 2009 Linda Walder Fiddle and Fred Fiddle accepted the 2009 Community Service Award from The Family Resource Network and Autism Family Services of NJ. "This award, given by our peers, is particularly meaningful because we admire the work these organizations do to help individuals, families and the community," said Linda Walder Fiddle, DJF Executive Director. " We are putting the finishing touches on the first Autism and Epilepsy Brochure that our organizations have created as a public service to raise awareness about the co-condition and first aid advice should the need arise," added Walder Fiddle. The brochure is a collaborative effort that also includes the oversight of one of the country's top neurologists specializing in autism and epilepsy, Dr. Ruth Nass and the NY Child Study Center. " We look forward to launching the brochure next month when Linda and I present this information at an upcoming conference," added Dr. Nass who also serves on the DJF Advisory Board.