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DJF Releases Autism, Epilepsy & Seizures Brochure As A Public Service

Author: DJF Foundation News
Written On: Wed, 07 Oct 2009

The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation (DJF) has produced and released the first brochure that specifically focuses on Autism, Epilepsy and the Co-Condition as well as how to recognize seizures and basic first aid when you do. This public service brochure that can be downloaded, reproduced and read free of charge, and will be offered on the websites of autism and epilepsy organizations, community first responders and service providers and medical providers, was produced by DJF in collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ, Autism Family Services of NJ and with the medical oversight of DJF Advisory Board member, Dr. Ruth Nass who is a renowned expert in the field of autism and neurology and affiliated with the NYU Child Study Center. " It is our hope that this informational brochure will create awareness among those affected autism and the community about the prevalence of the co-condition and will offer a starting point for further inquiry with one's physician," said Linda Walder Fiddle, Executive Director of DJF. " We hope that first responders, classroom teachers, service providers and families will hang up the informational fold-out chart that describes different types of seizures and what to do if one occurs," added Dr. Nass " and hopefully this will help to identify the co-condition and even better, save someone's life."